Why Organic Fruits and Vegetables are Better for You


Organic fruit and vegetables have often been claimed to be much better for you than those grown conventionally with chemicals, and scientists have finally been able to explain why.

Organic produce is not grown with nitrogenous fertilisers, which means they have to activate their own defence systems which, in turn, increases their levels of antioxidants.

For example, tomatoes that are grown organically have higher levels of phenolic compounds than conventionally grown ones.  These are antioxidants that protect against both cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, but even some cancers, .

Altogether, the researchers from the University of Barcelona found 34 different phenolic compounds in the organic tomatoes they analysed.

They also believe that the greater the stress a plant experiences in the course of protecting itself against pests and disease, the more polyphenols they produce.  Plants protected by chemicals such as insecticides don’t suffer the same stress levels and therefore don’t produce more of the health-giving antioxidants.

Source:  JAgric Food Chem, 2012;60:4542-9

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