Stroll Your Way to Cutting Breast Cancer Risk

A study published online in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention reported that just 1 hour of gentle exercise per day can dramatically cut breast cancer risk in women over 50 – the age when they are most at risk.  If you are feeling more energetic,  women who did more vigorous activities got almost double the protection, cutting their risk of breast cancer by a quarter.

Scientists at the American Cancer Society studied 73,615 post-menopausal women, of whom 4,760 were diagnosed with breast cancer during a 17-year follow-up.  Among all women in the group, 47 per cent said walking was their only recreational activity. Of that group, those who walked at least seven hours a week had a 14 per cent lower risk of getting breast cancer compared to those who walked three hours or fewer every week.  The study also found that women who took part in more vigorous exercise for an hour each day had a 25 per cent lower risk of developing the disease than the least active.



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